Our Work

Flat Roof Solutions

This city dwelling’s old gray coated roof would get up to 130 degrees in the summer. Neighbors Exterior Solutions applied a white Energy Star rated elastomeric coating which now reflects the heat and helps save the owner up to 30% in energy costs.

Siding Solutions

This home had old aluminum siding that needed replacing. Neighbors Exterior Solutions installed new vinyl siding, which improved the exterior appearance and added value for the homeowner.

Decking Solutions

This home owner initially called Neighbors Exterior Solutions for a roofing estimate. While on-site, we noticed the deck needed repair more than the roof. Our master carpenter custom designed a new deck, which can now be enjoyed for many years to come.


We work Monday through Friday but have Saturday appointments available. We know you have a busy schedule during the week and offer the same no-hassle, free estimates on Saturdays. Call us today to schedule your appointment today!

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